“The diaspora needed to be recorded…”

What does it take to uproot oneself? To pluck oneself out of the nourishing cocoons of family and friends, to have to learn to speak an alien language and live an alien culture, and to bear all of the loneliness that comes with it? Migrants know this best, and artist-migrants could perhaps give us the best glimpse into this ever-alienating world through the works they’ve created along the way.

* * *


In BERLIN, we have spoken with 2 Filipino women – both mothers and creative souls who have generously shared the stories of their roots, their route, and most importantly, their talents. Join us as we let their thoughts and creations walk us through their new worlds. [READ MORE]

Nowadays, Barcelona is home to almost 9 thousand Filipinos. One of the most vibrant migrant communities in Europe, the Filipinos in Barcelona are ironically considered a silent community – they are quiet and hardworking folks that pretty much keep to themselves. Well, except when it comes to music… [READ MORE]

Almost every country has a greeting for people about to start their meal. The Spanish say “Buen provecho,” the Germans say “Guten Appetit,” the Catalans greet you with “Bon profit,” while the French and the English-speaking world use “Bon appétit!” But what about food-loving Filipinos? [READ MORE]