ROUTE is defined as the choice of roads taken to get to a place, while

       ROOT is the origin, a source of growth, vitality and existence.

ROUTE / r ü t / and ROOT: When articulated without context, there is no way of telling which one is being used. It could be referring to the road, or the point of origin, or both. Certain stories have such qualities. These are the stories we would like to tell.





ROUTE PROJECTS is a platform for written, visual and audiovisual media that aims to affect social perceptions and discourse through its body of work. These works are both original productions as well as existing material curated according to our goals.

We are here to produce creative works that intend to shed new light on stories of MOVEMENT + CHANGE.

Our main source of inspiration are the IMMGRANTS, and many other stories of the fleeting, the seemingly inconsequential, and the voiceless. 



aims to re-tell the countless stories of emigration and immigration, and to speak about the cultural and personal identity of Filipinos overseas. With these collected stories, we aim not only to make visible the unseen, but also to weave a tapestry that could both REPRESENT and GIVE SHAPE to the collective memory of the Filipino Diaspora.

Because we believe that they are stories that need to be told. And because they need to be heard over and over again.