UGAT-AGOS // Roots-Flow

UGAT-AGOS is a collaborative event that brought together a gamut of artistic expressions and academic research in order to present renderings of the themes of migration and “home” in the Filipino context. It was hosted by Asia Contemporary Art Platform NON Berlin, in cooperation with the Graduate School – Berlin University of the Arts, Route Projects, and the Philippine Studies Series Berlin.

The event featured works and presentations by Kay Abaño, Lola Abrera, Rosa Cordillera Castillo, Lizza May David, Pepe Dayaw, Paz Guevarra, Ines Klughardt, Steffen Köhn, Trinka Lat, and Claudia Liebelt.

Date: October 6 – 13, 2015


+ Video Discussion // Collaborative documentary project on the webcam-communicating patterns and digitally mediated proximities of transnational families with Steffen Köhn (PHD, Social Anthropology, Freie Universität Berlin) on “Intimate Distance” and Lola Abrera (MA student, Visual Anthropology, Freie Universität Berlin) on “The Virtual Balikbayan Box” – See Photos HERE.

+ Introduction of the UGAT-AGOS collaboration. Exhibition opening with artistic works by Kay Abaño (Photographer, Filmmaker, Director Route Projects), Lizza May David (Artist), Trinka Lat (Filmmaker, Production Designer).

The UGAT-AGOS Vernissage Video

+ Lecture and discussion on “Creating Belonging in a Foreign City: Filipina Care Workers’ Aesthetic Formations in Tel Aviv, Israel” with Claudia Liebelt (PhD, Social Anthropology, Bayreuth University, Germany) – See Photos HERE.

+ Lecture and discussion on “Female labour migration and its impact on prevailing Philippines gender roles and kinship structures” with Ines Klughardt (PhD candidate in Anthropology, University of Lucerne, Switzerland)

+ Artist Talk: With Lizza May David (Artist, Graduate School of the Arts, UDK Berlin) in a conversation with Paz Guevara (Curator, Cultural Studies, Humboldt University Berlin) — “Migrant Tales”, video works from 2004-2011

+ Performance and Artist Talk: Pepe Dayaw (Performance Artist) presented Nowhere Kitchen, methodologies of performance making inspired by precarity, uncertainty, hospitality, improvisation and orality. Pepe performed a fragment of his ongoing dance project Spice Routes, followed by food and informal conversations on the philosophy of ‘tada’ (Bikolano for leftovers).


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