(or The Common Man)

ROOT + ROUTE: Manila – Barcelona – Berlin

These past weeks, Filipinos online have been busy discussing (lamenting/ lambasting/ cursing) Philippine politics. As the 2016 elections come closer, people are once again faced with a chance to change the country’s fate. But, how far is everyone willing to go to really make that change? Is it going to be the perpetuation of the same old story? Is the train simply meant to head for that same, sad destination? Or is the Common Tao, long put down and taken for granted, finally going to get their shot at redemption?

And when one speaks of “Democracy” – is it to blame the common man for all those undeserving winners of the popular vote? Or does it come out of a desire to use democracy to provide dignity and decency to every human being on the journey?

Right now, and in the coming months, many would be wondering about who could truly deliver the country from the chaos. But like some Filipinos who have built a life away from all of that, I also wonder how the Common Tao can finally, really be given a chance.

“We’re on the same train”
“I was baffled by the idea that companies could stick thousands of images in front of people as long as they were paid ads…” – Shepard Fairey on public art
“Looking back”
“Seek and Ye shall find”