What do we think and feel when we see a famous monument? Or when we pass by a beautiful local landmark? For many, a monument or landmark is simply a thing of beauty to behold, with no further meaning to be understood. But for some, especially for those who have travelled far and beyond their means, these objects of beauty can be much more than that – a symbol of freedom, of achievement, or of inner peace.


PHOTO: “Leaning Tower”

DANIEL INFANTE TUAÑO is originally from Mariveles, Bataan.
He is now based in Barcelona, Spain. He works part-time as a Multimedia Journalist, and took this photo in Pisa, Italy when he was there to participate in the Media Pluralism Summit at the Center for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom. Follow him on Instagram!

PHOTO: “Windmill down the Canal”

DHEZA MARIE AGUILAR is a journalist and blogger originally from Marinduque.
She is now based in Rotterdam, Holland together with her husband. This photo was taken in the city of Schiedam during a walk she had taken one evening after they’d had a little lovers’ quarrel. Follow her on Instagram!

PHOTO: “Sagrada”

JONAS ORENSE BALADJAY is from Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas.
He is now based in Barcelona, Spain. He was originally a sailor, one of the many Filipino seafarers in the world, before jumping ship in Barcelona on September 10, 2008. This photo of him at the Sagrada Familia was taken by his wife Analiza, who recently joined him after several years of separation. Follow them on Instagram!

PHOTO: “Oblation and the Sky”

#ROUTEPROJECTS is Kay S. Abaño, who is originally from Manila and is now based in Berlin, Germany. She took this photograph of the famous U.P. Oblation on one of her day-trips to her Alma Mater – a kind of pilgrimage she does everytime she goes back to visit the Philippines. Follow her on Instagram!

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