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What moves us? What keeps us still? When do we decide to move? Which ROUTES do we choose?

ROUTES goes on a journey with two young Filipinos who have decided to leave their country and go for their dreams. Just as in life, they follow a path that is in part a conscious choice, and in part, destiny. As we travel with them, we are confronted with questions about making the right choices, the reasons we make them, the consequences of our actions and where these can take us. And as they reach their destination, we are then confronted with questions of “home” – how much of it we take with us, and what we have to leave behind.

The film asks us to listen intently to their stories, to imagine the paths they’ve taken and the choices they’ve made as we contemplate a vision of what is to become their common destination.

Note about the process : Prior to filming, the photographers were verbally briefed about the 2 stories that their images were going to represent. No scripts nor interview transcripts were given to them. Filming began only after repeated deliberations and recounting of the protagonists’ stories, and after creative brainstorming on several occasions. All images and most of the sound in the film were taken around the city of Barcelona in March 2011. Final edit and colour grading were completed in August 2012.


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Spain… Europe… I´m sure the salaries are much higher there.”


All we thought was… we were finally free.”